A “One-Stop Solution” for online retailers

The continued investment in our own IT development has created systems that are specifically focused for our industry. Our 3rd Party Services division offers a complete solution for any online retailer. The division consists of two major services that we can offer to both our customers and suppliers.

Electronic Data Feed (EDF)

Our Electronic Data Feed service, provides an extensive list of information on a huge range of Movies, Games and Accessories that can be displayed on a customers website, this includes artwork, title, synopsis, stock on hand, retail, rental & OFLC ratings, publishers, genre, cost price, barcode number, producers, directors, cast, languages, audios and other available product information.

Our data contains detailed information on more than 25,000 products, and is updated with an average of 500 – 1000 new products and their associated information each and every month.

Our industry leading Data Feed is an XML based system that utilises a simplified “pull model” for data retrieval. The main advantage to this is that it does not require a dedicated IP address and ftp service access.

With this simplified “pull model”, allows our customers to create their own data retrieval timing intervals and only need to receive updates that have taken place since their last retrieval. This leads to less processing time and data transfer. We have also kept the image transfer separate to ensure images are able to be pulled at our client’s discretion. These Images can also be resized or even watermarked.

Because we continually audit all of our product data you can rest assured with the knowledge that our information is the best in the business!

Drop Ship Service

Our Drop Ship service is used by a large number of clients including some of Australia’s best on-line retailers, many of whom are household names.

This service has been designed to make online ordering via a client’s website a fully automated process…… The end user places their order through our client’s website and AID fulfills that order by shipping the goods directly to the end user.

It is a simple process to conduct an on-line transaction:

1. AID receives an order file via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) from the client.

2. The order is automatically allocated and a client specific packing slip is created. The order is then picked, packed and dispatched to the customer via Australia Post or TOLL. Once an order is dispatched, a “Shipping Confirmation” is created and made available confirming this status.

A dedicated 3PF administration website is available for viewing each order’s status, generating reports and various other useful tools.

To be able to use either of our 3PF services, clients must have an account with All Interactive Distribution. 3PF account holders are entitled to trade pricing on all purchases.


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