Managing Games and Accessory Labels for the entire territory

All Interactive Entertainment (AIE) is a separate division that focuses on managing the exclusive distribution rights of brands and publishers for the ANZ territory.

AID’s warehouse infrastructure allows AIE to be the only distributor that directly manages their own logistics. This gives us a massive advantage when the pressure is on! We are also the ONLY distributor that offers complete penetration into the Australian and NZ markets with direct relationships with both the major and minor retailers.

AIE therefore, benefits from complete control over product launches including an aligned distribution schedule and comprehensive marketing strategy across the entire channel.

When a job needs to get done in a hurry, AIE has the ability and control to make it happen.

The efficiencies we gain from this, has allowed us to guarantee a reliable, low cost model to our publisher partners.


Managing Director
Name: Sherard Kingston
Phone: (07) 5556 1860

New Account Enquiries
1300 855 881

3rd Party Services Enquiries
Name: Paula Neck
Phone: (07) 5556 1811

New Zealand Enquires
Name: Shane Gall
Phone: +64 21 711 803

58 Kingston Drive, Helensvale, QLD, 4212 – PO Box 3138, Helensvale Town Centre, QLD, 4212
Telephone: 1300 855 881 (Aus) or 0800 866 881 (Nz)