Experience and reputation in your industry

The extent of experience in logistics solutions plays an important role when choosing a logistics provider for your company. A logistics provider with years of experience is well-equipped to satisfy a client’s needs and keep up with demand of inventory being sold, even during peak periods.

Experience is also an essential attribute as it’s how quickly they can adapt and tackle changes within the world. COVID-19 has impacted many businesses and industries worldwide; there has been significant job loss, retail business closures and big hits to the economy. Companies with tenure will be more attune to circumstances like a COVID-19 scenario, and have contingencies in place to ensure the wheels keep moving.

A provider with a great reputation, and long-standing partnerships with other large companies are other indicators that your business will be in safe hands.

End-to-end logistics management

Discovering a company that can not only provide logistics solutions, but also warehousing and stock management, picking and packing, and advanced security and technology are other essential things to consider when looking for a logistics provider.

This way, you’re keeping the operations with one company in a holistic package, rather than dealing with one business for transport, one business for warehousing, and so forth.

Most of the time, end-to-end logistics management and warehousing companies will have customised software so you can keep track of incoming and outgoing stock, as well as shipping/tracking information.

Extensive reach within Australia and territory

A provider that has been working in the industry for years would have developed key partnerships with freight companies and would also have a great deal of market knowledge including relevant taxes, regional landscapes, customs and other compliance issues.

If you are needing an expansive reach across Australia and New Zealand, you’ll need a provider that has the experience and knowledge to have your product move efficiently and effectively.

All Interactive Distribution has over 25 years experience distributing goods to major retailers (and customers) throughout the ANZ, giving them extensive knowledge of territory.

Latest Technology and Security

Leading edge technology ensures that your orders are processed efficiently as per the clients or customers’ requirements. It also gives you confidence knowing that your logistics provider is operating in a modern way, meaning faster picking, packing, dispatch and delivery.

Security features are also crucial when choosing a logistics provider (and warehouse provider for that matter) as deliveries and goods can be stored and delivered without concern for loss or damage.

Ensure your provider has up-to-date technology and security systems in place.


Choosing the right logistics provider needs to have:

● Extensive experience and knowledge of your industry
● A good reputation (working with other large companies is a good sign)
● End-to-end management systems
● Knowledge of the region or territory
● Latest up-to-date technology
● Latest up-to-date security systems