Logistics services and order fulfilment is an important part of any business, and can become quite overwhelming if you’re trying to organise everything yourself.

If you have researched or have worked with a 3PL service before, you’d be aware that order fulfilments are taken care of, as well as logistical capabilities and warehousing.

When choosing a 3PL company, the best results will come from those who are experienced in the industry. An experienced 3PL service provider will have the infrastructure in place and technology to ensure that your goods are being handled correctly.


If you have experienced rapid growth in your business and your current warehouse solution isn’t working, a 3PL service provider can offer warehousing in order to store your goods.

Take the burden off of yourself and business, especially if you’re shipping large volumes.

You may have been storing goods and a local storage facility, a shipping container or even your garage. A 3PL company will have more than adequate space to store your inventory.

In Australia, speedy delivery can be a challenge, however, if you have an experienced 3PL company working for you; goods can be packed and dispatched in no time.

Customers expect delivery of a few days, not weeks. But using the services of a 3PL company, your goods can be picked, processed, shipped out and delivered usually next day.

An experienced 3PL warehouse will also have a high level of security to prevent any damage or theft of goods. Warehouses with proper security will have on-site security guards, 24/7 CCTV, and fireproof solutions.


3rd Party Logistics organize and manage the logistical side of things for your business. It makes sense that if you’re storing your goods at the warehouse to have them shipped out by the same company too!

Depending on the quantity of goods you are selling and shipping each week, shipping can become time consuming and can be a headache at times too.

Logistics is an area where there is no room for mistakes. Customers have varying expectations when it comes to delivery, if something doesn’t arrive the way it should, you’re at risk of receiving negative feedback.

You may be comfortable and familiar with your go-to courier, or even shipping things via Australia Post, however, an experienced 3PL company will have the processes in place to ensure every delivery is shipped and delivered on time.

By having a 3PL take care of the logistics, it will free your time up and keep your customers happy so you can focus on the bigger picture, and success of your business.


If your business has reached a point where order volume has increased significantly and you’re finding the demand challenging to keep on top of, fulfilment services is what ties together the entire benefits of a 3PL company.

Fulfilment can be automated and optimized to suit your business, and is best left to those who have worked with larger companies and businesses as they will already have processes in place, the latest technology and software to ensure that orders are managed efficiently.

A Partner You Can Trust

In conclusion, a 3PL company can greatly help your business grow further so you can focus on other aspects like marketing, customer acquisition and sales.

Finding a company to handle your warehousing, logistics and fulfilment will ensure you have a succinct process in place, keeping you and your customer happy.

AID have over 25 years’ experience and have complete end-to-end solutions for an array of companies. We can fulfil warehousing requirements, receipts and management of local and overseas inventory, picking and packing individual orders for customers.

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