With the increase in online shopping, most Australian shoppers have now accepted digital ways of purchasing goods as the new normal.

As a result, retailers have begun to shift their focus to online sales, which has seen a higher demand for warehousing and 3PL services. For companies shipping large volumes, they need to consider a multitude of factors to ensure that their supply chain remains intact and efficient.

Find a company that will change with you and the times

Innovation and experience are the cornerstone of adaptability. It’s how a company can survive through unpredictable or unprecedented times. Being willing to change in the face of uncertainty is definitely something to consider, as this will assure large companies that “when there is change, we will change with it for the better”.

Cutting edge technology and security

Security is another priority for larger companies to consider. Having CCTV and on-site security personnel is to be expected, but when there are multiple staff in the warehouse, with an array of products and goods, what options are there for large companies to protect their inventory; monitor those who have access to the facility where their inventory is stored?

Advancements in technology have seen security systems be upgraded tremendously; leading warehouses like All Interactive Distribution, have implemented facial recognition technology, in addition to other security system features. This technology allows access to certain parts of the warehouse to those who are registered on the system, therefore, if a staff member who doesn’t have their face registered with the system, won’t be able to access the area.

Systems like this allow for more peace of mind for manufacturers or suppliers, especially if there are high value goods or intellectual property to protect.

Strong freight relationships and localised knowledge

Companies looking to ship large quantities will also need to consider the transport relationships their distributor has developed and maintained.

All Interactive Distribution is one of Australia’s leading distributors and 3PL providers for clients wanting to ship large quantities throughout the ANZ region. For over 25 years, we have provided customised solutions to Australia’s largest retailers like K-mart, Target, Kogan and EB Games.

Utilising well-known, established freight companies is a way to keep costs affordable, and to efficiently get your product to retailers throughout ANZ. As we’ve been doing this for over 25 years, we can provide insights and knowledge into the Australia and New Zealand region.

Here at AID, we work with our clients and suppliers to ensure that the solution we build, is one that will benefit the client the most. We have dealt with major companies and exceed their expectations by innovating and continually updating technology and security systems for peace of mind.