Technology is always shifting and changing, and with that comes responsibility for business to ensure that we keep up-to-date with emerging trends and technology.

AID has been operating for over 25 years, we have seen the shift from paper to computer, as we did CD to Spotify; there will always be new technology emerging for every industry, and sometimes every disruptive technology.

Keeping a finger on the pulse ensures that we can deliver the best for our clients, and to make sure we remain on top of our game.

Technology in the warehousing realm means more efficient communication, tracking and order status updates. At our Gold Coast warehouse we store the goods of many manufacturers and suppliers, and distribute a large array of goods to retailers daily via our trusted freight partners.

How do we manage and optimise so that we can operate holistically? By integrating the latest technology trends and supply management software.

We have developed marketing leading software management systems, which allows our team to accurately pick and process orders from within the warehouse, keep a record of inventory for the multiple suppliers and to keep track of products that are in transit.

We offer partners their own online portal login where they can view a tailored dashboard of what is relevant to them.

Through access, clients can view things like live data feeds that include warehouse SOH, sale, receipts, pending orders, retailers sales, retailer SOH and weeks cover. Clients are also sent weekly summaries automatically to keep their finger on the pulse of their ins-and-outs.

By having this technology working as a cohesive whole, we’re able to distribute large quantities on a weekly basis.

Dedicated services for premium partners

When your company is trying to seamlessly move large volumes of stock, you need a company who can tailor make and customise solutions so that you can focus on the things that matter to you, and to be able to view analytics and insights of SOH, sales and order processing.

At All Interactive Distribution, we have an in-house IT team, customer service team, digital marketing team, dedicated buying team and dedicated merchandising team. Our teams accommodate premium partners so that the solutions fit their needs.

We’re no stranger to handling and managing major partnerships, in fact, we distribute GoPro in Australia and New Zealand and have worked with global brands like Nintendo, Take-Two Interactive, EA, Playstation, Disney and Microsoft.

For suppliers or brands, we are able to offer a wide range of solutions from 3PL direct-to-market, direct to store or DC deliveries. Our dedicated teams create a B2B website so you can access stock availability and ordering. This will give you immediate insights to tracking and movement of products for your business.

We’ve had decades of experience, therefore warehousing solutions are second nature to us.

If you’re wanting a seamless integration with a distribution company that can provide live data feeds and analytics, you need to speak to us at All Interactive Distribution.