Reach your customers

A successful third-party logistics provider relies on experience and strong partnerships to enable clients to reach all regions of a territory. The success of the 3PL is measured by the success of the client, a.k.a. we’re not happy until you’re happy.

An experienced, well established 3PL is crucial for companies to not only get their products and goods to multiple retailers, but it is an integral part of success.

Large companies that experience high volume sales understand their customer, and through the extensive marketing campaigns and tracking that occurs, they discover certain niche markets within the larger whole. It’s important to be able to reach the mass market and also the niche markets that arise.

Not all consumers shop through the same retailers, whether physical or online, and as there has been an increase in online sales due to COVID-19 lock-downs, it isn’t about where the store is located, it’s a matter of where the customer is located. How can companies deliver their stock to their customer segments?

Australia-wide 3PL: All Interactive Distribution

All Interactive Distribution (AID) understands the processes of 3PL and warehousing on all levels. We have strong relationships, and distribute, to all major retailers within Australia. Suppliers utilize our warehousing and 3PL experience to ship all over Australia and even over to New Zealand. Whilst our distribution centre (DC) is located on the northern end of the Gold Coast (Queensland), we provide solutions to clients from Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane and everywhere in between.

We have developed partnerships with Australia Post and StarTrack to ensure freight is managed efficiently, both time and cost-wise.

AID is also very familiar with managing high volume sales and order processing from purchases of online stores in various fields.

The Kingston Group

All Interactive Distribution is a business under the umbrella of The Kingston Group; a group that has been in operation for over 30 years, and has many businesses to its name. This includes Tradezone (electrical supplies to contractors, solar installers, tradespeople), EzyDVD (online-only DVD & Blu-Ray store), and Wholesale Toners (wholesale sales of printer ink and toner cartridges), among others.

The three businesses mentioned above are based on the foundations of experience that has been accumulated by AID over the years; the reason these businesses can operate successfully is by having the experience of AID at their fingertips.

EzyDVD and Wholesale Toners

EzyDVD and Wholesale Toners are based purely online; the customer makes a purchase online, then their products are shipped out to them. And while the stock is stored on the Gold Coast, products are shipped to all major cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as regional parts of Queensland and other states and territories.

Wholesale Toners leverages the AID freight relationship by offering consumers free express delivery for orders over $50. A unique selling proposition for the business.


Tradezone is a business that is fast becoming Australia’s leading electrical and solar supplier. Similar to the businesses above, Tradezone offers a website that allows for online sales, but it also has physical locations around Australia where local (and nearby) electricians can pick up goods like solar panels, inverters, and other goods.

This is done by allocating an order number for each customer, then upon arrival to the warehouse, they can input this number on a tablet or computer we have set up, and have the order picked and handed to them right then and there.

Tradezone is the perfect working example of AID. Utilizing industry-leading technology as well as some forward thinking, AID is able to accelerate growth of their own businesses.

At AID, our warehouse is over 22,000m² in size which allows us to store and manage a substantial amount of inventory. We are experienced with shipping our own products to consumers throughout Australia and New Zealand, and we are more than well-equipped to assist companies who require storage and shipment of large volume.

Please get in contact if you require a serious and experienced 3PL company.

Third Party Logistics locations covered by All Interactive Distribution:

● Brisbane
● Sydney
● Gold Coast
● Melbourne
● Perth Adelaide
● Perth
● Regional Australia
● New Zealand